CSHE Energy to Care Update - December 2019

by David Lockhart, CHFM, CEM, SASHE, Support Services Administrator, Roseville Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente; CSHE State Treasurer


Greetings and Happy Holiday’s,

As 2019 comes to an end, I want to thank all of you for your dedication and support of the CSHE organization. I am hopeful that you had a wonderful holiday season and took time off to relax and rejuvenate for 2020.

In my reflection of this past year, and our performance in the Energy Gold Rush/Energy to Care program it brings great satisfaction in all the great work that is going on within our state to lead the nation in energy performance. As reflected of CSHE winning the large chapter energy to care for the second year, demonstrated an impressive performance, and I must say that it is a highlight of my career to receive that CSHE award.

As 2019 is closed, and as I mentioned in my last article, I encourage each of you and your organizations to take advantage of the impressive platform and dashboard that ASHE has made available for every facility to measure their performance. In just a few clicks you can view your performance, your trends and how you are performing towards your goal. Of course, what I like the best is the chart that instantly shows how CSHE is performing in the large chapter challenge. Which if you view today, we are just a fraction behind the Indiana (ISHE) chapter. However, I am confident that CSHE will pull ahead as this data is only through October and we have our best performing months ahead of us.

If by chance you are still not using the dashboard and have not committed to participating in 2020, please let me know how I be of assistance. As I have mentioned in all my articles and presentations, we have lots of tools and support to help each of you make simple improvements to your performance.

This 2020 year is sure to pose many challenges to you and your team, the question is what you are going to take control over and master. What are you going to dominate at? As you complete your annual reviews and set your goals for 2020, why not put improved energy performance on that list!

In closing, I wanted to leave you with this quote from Jeff Goins as it was in my planner for today.

"It’s not fun to fail, but it just might be the only way to succeed."

Here is at a new year with at least a few failures, that you can turn into a successful outcome. Have a great 2020 and I look forward to seeing you at a CSHE event or talking with you about your energy goals.