CSHE Energy to Care Update - December 2018

by David Lockhart, CHFM, CEM, SASHE, Support Services Administrator, Roseville Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente; CSHE State Treasurer


Greetings and Happy New Year, I hope each of you had a happy and joyous holiday season. I specifically decided to use the word joyous, because I know that many of you have been working your tails off all year, and I’m hoping that you took this time of the year to stop for at least a bit, take a deep breath and reflect on all your blessings. We need to make sure we are practicing gratitude, give thanks to those around you, your team, your peers, your family. In return you will have joy. I want to thank you, for all that you do for your organizations, your teams, your families. I’m grateful to be a part of this amazing organization and all the wonderful colleagues for whom have brought joy my life and career.

Now on to my Energy Gold Rush/ Energy to Care update. This year ASHE decided that they were not going to provide mid-year updates on how each chapter was doing. Which means I do not have any stats on how well we are doing compared to other chapters. So, I decided to reach out to all the facilities signed up for this year’s challenge to find out how things were going. Unfortunately, what I got back was not the most impressive news. Many locations have projects in place to update their controls or install high efficient equipment and chillers, some are installing LED lighting in their parking lots, but for the most part no real measurable progress had been made.

However, just as I was working on finishing up this article I got a response from one of the new organizations in this year’s challenge that had some impressive success in exceeding their goals through an active commissioning program, aggressive HVAC scheduling, and an LED lighting retrofit throughout their non-OSHPD-1 facilities. Great job! If I could make one recommendation to any of you wondering where to start, this is a great example of where most initial success comes from, look at your operations and equipment schedules, install LED lighting whenever possible and get a commissioning program started. There are many great commissioning agents around and some of the best are members of CSHE and/or ASHE. I also recommend that you contact and work very closely with your utility provider. They have resources and money to help you be successful.

Another common response I heard from a few facilities was new construction additions that added EUI verses reducing it. We’ve seen this often where a new construction project with new energy efficient equipment and technologies turns out to be energy hogs once they are turned over to operations. This should not be happening.

If you have a new chiller. boiler, air handlers or a whole new building addition, you need to start early in the project to make sure the contractor understands your expectations and that a commissioning program is put in place. Make sure your project specifications call out for commissioning’ preferably monitoring based Cx and that it starts early in the project. It will be money well invested.

In closing, as we say good-bye to 2018 and start thinking about 2019, please think about identifying an energy champion from within your crew and start looking for opportunities to improve your energy operations. I’m confident once you get started you will be successful, and your program will grow. To start 2019, I leave you with this quote, Happy New Year!

"Your gratitude and your thankfulness change not only the way you perceive the world, but also the way the world perceives you."

Gratitude is at the heart of our perceptions.