2020 Executive Committee Elections

by Rick Barker, Director of Facilities, Sutter Roseville Medical Center


With the December resignation of the CSHE President/CEO Devin Hugie, the Board of Directors has elected the Executive Committee to complete the term ending December 31, 2020.

Please join me in congratulating the CSHE Executive Board in their new roles:

State President/CEO
David Lockhart, CHFM, CEM, SASHE

State Vice President
David Baker

State Secretary
Narsimha Irrinki, PE, CHFM

State Treasurer
Santiago Chambers

State Immediate Past President
Rick Barker, CHFM

Devin joined CSHE in 2006 and became the Orange County Chapter President and CSHE Board of Director member in 2013. He also served ASHE as Region 9 Representative 2017 and 2018, where he promoted CSHE and our programs nationally.

In January 2015, Devin was elected to the CSHE Executive Committee as the CSHE State Treasurer. In January 2017, he was elected as the CSHE State Vice President, and January 2019 elected the CSHE State President/CEO. In addition, Devin served as the Education Chair where he ramped up the Webinar Series for hospital engineers, bringing this educational opportunity to the next level. He has also participated in numerous planning committees for Annual Institute and Regional CSHE Seminars.

I would like to thank Devin for all he has done for CSHE. He has committed countless hours to CSHE over the past decade. Devin will be missed as part of CSHE’s executive leadership team. He has assured me that he will be remaining as a CSHE Member and continue to contribute his time to the Society. I wish him all the best in his new role.