Membership Benefits

Membership is the core of CSHE. By expanding membership we gain additional insights to navigating our hospitals in the perplexity of healthcare facility operation/management and add to our network. We have great members doing awesome things, I am truly excited about the future of CSHE!
Rick Barker
CSHE Immediate Past President
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Educational Opportunities

CSHE provides opportunities for members to communicate and exchange ideas to keep abreast of operational disciplines through local chapter meetings, the annual institute, code review committee communications, newsletters and seminars. The CSHE Board of Directors and the executive committee meet quarterly to conduct the business of the society. In its first five years, CSHE doubled its membership and the number of hospitals represented, established the CSHE Annual Institute, published the CSHE News, and participated on code review committees. CSHE members have held board positions in the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), including several presidencies, and serve on various ASHE advisory committees.

CSHE has established health care facility engineering educational programs in community colleges, apprenticeship programs and coordinated with professionals in the architectural, design and mechanical/electrical engineering fields of health care facility construction.

Chapters meet bi-monthly or monthly featuring speakers on topics of educational value to the health care facility engineer. These meetings provide the opportunity to exchange ideas with other CSHE members on common health care facility engineering issues.


CSHE is affiliated with the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE). ASHE is the largest of the affiliated societies of the American Hospital Association, representing 2,500 hospital engineering personnel.


The CSHE Engineering News, is published for the members, containing the code review report, activities of the state board of directors, and articles on timely topics submitted by members on pertinent health care engineering topics. Information sharing is a prime asset of the News and many members’ articles have been reprinted in other national trade journals.


Code Review

The CSHE Board of Directors maintains a code committee to review all proposed and approved code changes, and participates in hearings and on various code advisory committees. The information is summarized and published in the CSHE Engineering News to keep CSHE members current on changes which may affect their facilities.

Intradisciplinary Awareness

The constantly expanding scope of health care engineering, through technical and regulatory changes, makes it mandatory for plant, biomedical and telecommunications personnel to interact with all departments so that each facet of health care engineering can cooperate effectively and efficiently.

Annual Seminars

The one-and-a-half day CSHE Annual Institute happens each spring and alternates between Northern and Southern California. The institute features topics of current interest presented by professional, qualified, expert speakers and panelists. One-day educational seminars are scheduled in the fall in Northern and Southern California.