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Membership in the California Society for Healthcare Engineering, Inc. (CSHE) is open to individuals who are actively employed in the field of health care facility engineering.

Members are eligible to belong to one of the 11 area chapters affiliated with CSHE in one of four membership categories.

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An individual whose principal employment is directly related to hospital engineering or a related discipline in a health care facility or health care system.


An individual who provides consultative or advisory services to health care facilities or an individual who markets or provides a product or equipment to health care facilities. This category could include architects, consulting engineers, independent consultants, inspectors of record, construction managers and employees of state agencies such as OSHPD, the Fire Marshal’s Office and OSHA, as well as distributors and original-equipment manufacturers.


Retired CSHE members with at least ten years of service who still desire to belong to the society.


An individual whose educational pursuit is directly related to health care facility engineering or a related discipline.